O... ne of the most talked-about rising stars in the pop art world is Steve Kaufman [aka SAK], whose painting subjects range from street life and graffiti to Super heroes and World Champion athletes. Steve Kaufman
Something of a child prodigly, SAK had his first "one child" show at the age of 8, received a summer scholarship to The Parsons School of Design at age 14, and by the age of 16 had particopated in the first group show at the Whitney Museum.
His early 20´s found him enrolled at the Shool of Visual Arts and working at the Factory for Andy Warhol, who was to have a profound influence over the young artist`s later work. The Warner Bros. Studio Galleries commisioned Mr. Kaufman to create a series of his widely popular "Warholesque" limited edition portraits of Batman, Superman, the Looney Tunes characters, and his latest success, a special signed limited edition of Olympic Gold Medailist Muhammed Ali (aka Cassius clay], to commemorate the 1996 Centennial Olympics in Atlanta.
SAK has always reflected his concern for the world around him in this work, benefiting such causes as AIDS, gang violence, homelessness and Meals on Wheels.
»Muhammed Ali Gold« »Muhammed Ali Multi-Color«

Muhammed Ali Gold

Muhammed Ali Multi-Color

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