Super Burst Superman Shield Yellow
Superman Burst

Superman Shield Yellow

Badman Gotham City S... teve Kaufman has been influenced by DC Comics Super Heros rom childhood through to present day. "Working with the DC characters was like a dream come true.
I was an avid comic book reader as a child and like boys, envisioned myself like a Super Hero, doing good, being strong and overcoming evil. Now here I am today, working with gang kids and the homeless.

On the Process of Screen Printing:

As with the work he performed for the late Andy Warhol, SAK utilizes the silk-screen printing process to create his limited editions. The bold color panels contained within distinct black character lines, best convey the vibrant, graphic images that are Pop Art. Each oil paint silk-screen image was hand-pulled on canvas, many with hand-painted embellishments, creating a truly lasting work of art.

Batman Gotham City

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