Steve A. Kaufman


1968 One-child show at a Bronx bank at age eight
1976 Participates in a group graffiti show at the Whitney Museum. Represented by the Cherry Street Gallery
1981 Exhibits in antique auto series at two Citibank locations. Citibank purchased the series for their private collection
1982 Shows at the Air Gallery in London, White Freuds
1983-84 Exhibits Sex & Rock & Roll in a show at Off Centre Gallery, Money at Commonwealth Gallery and Red, White & Blue at Kelley Gallery
1986-88 Showings at Main Fine Art, The Gallery, Edinburgh College of Art, Zanzibar Club, and Smith Gallery
1990 Sold out show at the Loft Gallery in Tokyo
1992 Accepts "Underground Artist of the Year" award
1995 Martin Lawrence Modern, new York, New York
1996 Six sold out shows in Tokyo and Nagano
Angry Interested

AK has watched Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons from his childhood up through today.

The irreverent style of characters such as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, coupled with their savvy social commentary definitly influenced and enhanced SAK`s already indepent nature.
He advises the gang kids that works with to be like Bugs: "Don`t follow the hype, be your own leader..."
Good advice indeed, Doc!
Steve at work
I eat you... Noises
Thinking about... Fighting
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